Published April 2020

Published April 2020

Essays on a life before, during, and after the law

Forty-one years of a life in the law, and then, one day, no more law. Just like that.

Many law students and attorneys never actually want to be attorneys. They spend hours exploring ways to leave the practice of law. Did I always want to be an attorney? Once I became an attorney, was I satisfied with the law firm life? Heavens, no! With humor and self-deprecation, poignancy and bite, this book presents observations on my life before the law, my forty-one years in the law, and my life after I left. If you’re a law student or an attorney; if you know an attorney, if you live with an attorney, if you are friends with an attorney, if you are curious about attorneys, and if you hire attorneys, you will find this book an entertaining read of how one attorney finally dreamed his way into his law afterlife.


“And… Just Like That is a warm collection of essays detailing Mark Shaiken’s path from birth to the afterlife, aka retirement. . . . And… Just Like That offers hope to all the dreamers out there.”

Indies Today

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“The Eat Pray Love for attorneys.  . . . . [A] spiritual memoir from an attorney who practiced bankruptcy law in various “Biglaw” settings. The book is very heartfelt.”

Seth Kramer, Goodreads

“. . .[A]n insightful, humorous, honest, and engaging account of Mark’s journey, from the early days of being a kid fond of baseball, music, and musings to the adult life that came with the demanding phases, personal sacrifice, and sometimes spiritually and emotionally draining characteristics that accompany a career in law.”

Eff Pea Bee, Amazon

“The final chapters about life after law are so thoughtful, so insightful, that I found myself excited by the potential. Reading the last few chapters was enabling, honest, and immensely hopeful. Every old lawyer should read this book.”

Jack Fernandez, Amazon

“One of the best books I have read in a while. Mark had me in the first paragraph. You will thoroughly enjoy his wit and humor as he talks about the many obstacles and challenges he faced throughout his life which we can all relate.. . .One of the best books I have read in a while.”

Weege, Amazon

“This book left me with gratitude for a successful past, but more importantly a great hope for entering into a bright future AFTER the law. Mark, you made me smile. Thank you for putting this on paper.”

R.J. Nice, Amazon