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It’s What Makes Me . . . Me is an extraordinarily candid journey through what it means to be human. Amazon’s bestselling and award-winning author Mark Shaiken unlocks his most personal thoughts, observations, and introspections through the highs and lows, youth and aging, and beauty and messiness of life. Laugh, reflect, and take in all the ins and outs that have uniquely combined to make Mark . . . Mark.


“By baring his soul with intimate stories, the author triggers the reader to conjure up their own, like friends around a campfire passing the bottle where one recollected story inevitably feeds to another, and another – some a bit comical, some hilarious, and some a bit dark for contemplation of the human condition. . . .”

Henry Cox

“An engaging blend of introspection, authenticity, and captivating storytelling… Shaiken takes readers on a poignant journey through his post-legal career life in his latest book. Through a series of introspective essays, Shaiken delves into themes of self-discovery, creativity, and personal growth, inviting readers to contemplate the complexities of identity, passion, and the transformative power of writing. From sharing personal anecdotes in “Some Stuff About Me” to “The 3J Legal Thriller Series,” Shaiken offers insights into his background, formative moments, and writing career….”

Prairies Book Reviews